December 1, 2011

A few quick questions...

Is it a bad thing that I stopped to play Wii Sports Resort when I got home instead of getting right to grading?

Is it a bad thing that I found myself ten (out of eighty) points of interest from completing the Island Flyover game in the daytime?

Is it a bad thing that I went searching on the internet to find a list of all eighty points of interest?

Is is a bad thing that I dropped them into an Excel document and then went through checking off each of the ones I had so I could then use an interactive map to find the ten I was missing?

Wii Resort Island Flyover

Is it a bad thing that I made sure the Excel had three columns so I could go back and find which ones I had in the daytime, evening, and night knowing that eventually I'd want that on the spreadsheet?

It is, isn't it?

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