March 3, 2015

Requium for a way of life

Nice tour of New Castle's Chrysler fieldhouse, the largest high school gymnasium in the world. The fieldhouse seats 9325 people over at Max Preps.

It's awesome.

February 27, 2015

Lego wants

Figures I want that are already out and about...

I've all the Collectible Minifigures at this point other than Mr Gold (and I don't really want him - if I did have him, I would sell him in a heartbeat to finance all the rest of the habit) and two Olympians: brawny boxer and relay runner.

There are a number of Super Hero minifigures that I don't have just yet. Some of them are rare enough convention exclusives that I don't count on ever getting them. Most of the others I will pick up here and there on the grey market.

There's the Astor City Scientist from the Ultra Agent line. I just love the white version of the Hazmat Guy's suit.

Now, from this year's new Marvel sets, as seen at the 2015 Toy Fair...
  • I don't need another Iron Man, no matter the slight armor design changes.
  • I do like the new Ultron figures, though, those in the $13 set and in the $30 Hulkbuster set.
  • Speaking of the Hulkbuster set, it also has a Hulk megafigure, Ultron Prime, and Scarlet Witch. That'll be tough to balance whether that's worth $30, especially because I very much like the design of that Hulkbuster armor
  • Ultimate Ultron, Vision, and Black Widow are worth getting from the new Quinjet set. The slightly different Iron Man and Captain America aren't as much.
  • Nothing from Avengers Tower tempts me.
  • I'll probably pick up the full new Spider-Man set at $13 to get the two Spider-Man figures. It's Miles Frickin' Morales. How cool is that?
  • Another Spider-Man variation but a cool, Iron Spider one, and Sandman look great. The rest of the Supervillain team up does nothing for me. Rhino is dumb without his suit. Spider-Man looks the same as all the other Spider-Man figures.
  • Finally we get a right, proper Green Goblin instead of the stupid movie figure.
  • I'm not sure about the Ant-Man set. The figures just look like stupid, helmeted figures. I might feel differently after seeing the movie, but not yet. I do like the up-scaled Lego bricks to show that the figures are tiny.
In the DC sets from the same source...
  • Jokerland comes with a ton of figures. I don't dig the Harley Quinn with the bare sleeves, and Joker and Penguin look about the same, as do Robin and Batman. But the Teen Titans are awesome: Beast Boy and Starfire. Plus I don't have Poison Ivy yet.
  • The other set, BatBoat Harbor Pursuit come with an interesting Robin and Deathstroke, both worth getting. The Batman is an eternal issue, though, with every DC toy. We don't need a thousand variations on Batman and Superman. Give us new figures, new characters.
The very coolest thing in the new Lego announcements, though, might be the new 1x1 black brick that's 90% ABS and 10% carbon fiber. That has me intrigued, especially with its connection to the Lego app shown in the photo here.

February 26, 2015

Let's give it a go

Nice 80's movie montage. Let's see if I can get them all in order. Pausing is allowed, folks...

February 25, 2015

Color me tiled

I've been spending some time playing a new game recently, Color Tiles.

It's a simple enough game. Click a blank spot. If there are two tiles of the same color directly above or below, left or right, the tiles disappear. If there aren't such tiles, a buzzer sounds, and you lose a little more time off the clock. The goal is to clear as many tiles as possible in the limited time you're given.

My record so far is 192 while I just sat there for the last few seconds knowing I couldn't clear any more tiles from that bottom left cluster. Can anybody out there beat that?

February 24, 2015

Memories for sale

Princeton High School (PHS) was built in the late 1950's seeing its first graduating class step from the doors in the spring of 1959.

In the fall of 2013, Princeton Community Middle School (PCMS) students walked into the newly-constructed 6-12 campus of both PCMS and PHS. The next fall, that of 2014, saw high school students start their new era in the new PHS at 100 Viking Way, across the street from the old school.

This spring will see the start of demolition of that old school. It will have survived nearly but not quite sixty years, seeing probably fifty-thousand students pass through its halls over the years.

And what's left is for sale via an online auction through the services of Penny Worley Auctioneers.

Here are some of the highlights as I skim through the pages. (All of these comments were made on a snow day last week, 2/18. Prices, at least, probably should be updated before posting.)

The two most valuable items are a pair of vending machines (178 and 179) . Currently going for $400 each. I had no idea that Princeton owned those. I assumed they were all leased or just put there for a cut of the profits.

The remaining contents of my classroom are up for purchase as lot 1855. If anybody's curious, I can sign anything in there to increase the value.

The auctioneers do have a sense of humor, or at least the person writing the descriptions does. Check out this lot (1323) of 'footballs (partially deflated-Patriots style)".

I can't remember whether I got a 'silver' Viking pin or not, but this lot of pins (1579) certainly seems like something we should have moved across the street with us.

Above the memorial pond - in a courtyard that our students weren't allowed to even see for the last five or so years of the school's existence but where thousands of students ate lunch over the decades and which had a plaque honoring our fallen Vikings like Kelly Freeman to whom the pond was once dedicated (I've no idea whether the pond was dedicated to someone who was forgotten before Kelly) - there once hung a Viking head medallion that was probably four or five feet in diameter. The medallion was taken down when the pond was being rehabbed a decade or so ago by Judy Maciolli (now Judy Kelly and teaching with us again). For a year or so the medallion sat and aged outside before I rolled it into my room where it sat for a while longer before I passed it along to our tech folks who rebuilt the sign and trimmed the head from the medallion. Lot 1153 is all that seems to have survived of that medallion. That makes me really sad, though I have to admit that I passed it along and didn't follow it enough to complain.

Lot 566 is the only one that really tempts me to dive into the bidding. That would look pretty sweet hanging in...on to...

I have no idea where I would hang a four-foot Viking head that doesn't even follow the branding guidelines.

So, does anybody want to buy my memories?