July 27, 2015

10 years of this crap

And I think we're done here...

It's been ten years and ten days since my first post, and I think it's time to draw the shutters closed and lock this place up.

I started this blog as a place to put down some of my thoughts and possibly connect with my students. I think I managed some success in both of those realms, and I was able to connect with a few other friends along the way as well.

I want to thank my many readers for the past decade, especially those who commented and challenged my missives. I hope that my 3599 posts have provided you a fair bit of entertainment over the decade.

Feel free to check my ongoing material science blog, Materials Witness.


Eba Marie Porter said...

Hello sir. You know my dad, Bobby Glover. I'm Eba Marie Porter and I saw an article you wrote about his music and thought I go ahead and try reaching out to you. I'm throwing him a surprise 70th and trying to get in touch with former co-workers. If you'd be interested in coming, I'd like to send you the invitation. Also, you have any other information, such as other teachers to contact, I'd appreciate it.


Eba Marie Porter(Glover)

PHSChemGuy said...

That would be awesome. Give me an email at ldusch@vikingmail.org with the details.

I'll try to think of a few other folks around school who would remember Bobby.