January 15, 2010

Alphabet favorite places & times

I didn't think this one would be tough at all, but I'm totally stumped on Y, and I had to kind of cheat on V.

Can anybody think of any place or time that I've raved about that would fit the Y category?
  • A - Aberdeen's beach, 1994-1995
  • B - Bardstown Road circa 1991
  • C - Clifty Falls pretty much any summer, especially before they closed under-fall access
  • D - Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix, summer 2006
  • E - Eagle Ln, 5571, most any time
  • F - Frontier Restaurant, brunch, Easter Sunday
  • G - Glendale Square 'round noon on the first Saturday of March
  • H - Hot tub, Gatlinburg, whichever chalet, Presidents' Day Weekend
  • I - Iroquois Park Overlook circa 1991
  • J - Jeff Ruby's (Cincinnati's top steakhouse) after nearly fasting all day long
  • K - Kaibab Trail, South...'round 5:30 am, just after the sun's come up but before it's toasty and the mules crowd the trail
  • L - Locust Grove, April 22, 2000
  • M - Miami University disc golf course any summer day with good weather
  • N - N'Albany High School's gymnasium, 1990-1992
  • O - Observation Deck, Willis Tower
  • P - Princeton, most of the time
  • Q - Quail Run Dr, after sunset, winter snow storm, 2009
  • R - Rave Theaters pretty much in the middle of any movie
  • S - Santa Fe, mid summer
  • T - Turkey Run State Park, late spring, 1996
  • U - University of Aberdeen, High St, across from the Auld Toon Cafe, 1994-1995
  • V - Vacation, pretty much any one
  • W - Wabash even still but especially during my years there
  • X - Xavier's arena during Princeton's graduation ceremony, May/June
  • Y -
  • Z - Zoo, Cincinnati, Manatee House, when it's not crowded but when there are manatees
Others in the running
  • A - Assembly Hall, late 80's and early 90's and again November 12, 2005
  • B - Barnes & Noble, comfy chairs by the graphic novel section
  • C - Chrysler Arena, Hall of Fame tournament
  • D - Dunnottar Castle
  • M - Madison, WI - summer, 2007
  • P - Phantom Ranch, July 4th parade
  • S - Seymour High School basketball gym, regionals pre-class basketball 
  • T - Thornview Dr, early spring when the trees have just flowered
  • W - Waffle House, Cincinnati-Dayton Road, after the normal dinner time but before late night guests arrive


      calencoriel said...

      I think Jayfield Dr, 3rd Saturday in March, should get a mention...

      and all I can think of for Y is "Your mom's house"...

      because it's funny.

      Smamy said...

      How about "Youth Hostel: Rome, New Years Eve. 1994" Or any other variation of "Youth Hostel: ..." For me, it would likely be Youth Hostel: Ft. William a week before returning to the US. or Munich after the Hofbrauhaus.

      Slug said...

      Thornview Drive is filled with old people. Or maybe since I live there only I notice it.

      PHSChemGuy said...

      Calen - I really wish I had thought of that. As serious and nice as the post would have been, and as late in the game as Y would have come, that would have been perfect...and Jayfield's a'ight.

      Smamy - Sadly, my only youth hostel experience was in Vienna, and that wasn't anything special. Rome was all good and all, but I can't think of anything Y about it.

      Slug - Thornview drive next to the rec center is gorgeous when the trees are first in bloom. Even the old people can't poison that.

      Ame said...

      Y - your grandparents on christmas morning 1975-1988ish

      PHSChemGuy said...

      Ame- you are correct that those were good times, but "your" only works if you're writing it. I'd have to put "Ekin Ave", and that doesn't top my current home.

      Ame said...

      good point.. maybe that's why I am now a science teacher. at least for the year....

      achilles3 said...