December 27, 2011

It's a hard knock life...

There're a few things here that make this recent Let's Be Friends Again comic a little esoteric.
  • The character is Mister Miracle, an escape artist who likes to challenge himself.
  • Mister Miracle is from New Genesis/Apocalypse, a DC comic creation from Jack Kirby. Together, he referred to his Apocalypse/New Genesis saga of stories as the Fourth World.
  • There's a tumblr called First World Problems which highlights the tough life of somewhat (or very) affluent white people in America. Examples are...
    • I wasn't served Indian food on my flight to India.
    • I can’t decide if the X-Men works better as a metaphor for anti-Semitism or a metaphor for homophobia. 
    • The fudge stripe pattern inside my son’s Jamocha shake cup today was really messy looking, so I had to throw it away and demand another one. 
I wasn't aware of the First World Problems blog until I scrolled down into the comic's comments.

It's not a far piece, however, from White Whine which posts whiny Facebook updates along the same lines as First World Problems.

Stuff White People Like, on the other hand, is totally different.

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