October 15, 2012

Have a nice trip!

A while back I mentioned Joe Kittinger who - until yesterday - held the record for the highest, fastest, longest skydive. Yesterday, however - in case you hadn't heard - Joe helped Felix Baumgartner break nearly all of those records (not the longest freefall, though - still Joe's).

The words that Joe spoke just before Felix stepped off from his capsule ('and our Guardian Angel will take care of you') were stunning, as were Felix's last words ('I wish you could see what I see...I'm coming home') before he set himself free to do something that no other human - other than Joe - can possibly understand.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses, though, as Felix hit a spin (0:25 above) and had his visor fog up, blocking his view of his instruments (0:42 above). Luckily it looks like everything worked out just fine, and Felix touched down, dropping to his knees.

You can get a feel for what the experience was like thanks to this recreation...

Video of the full ten-plus minute jump after, well, the jump...

Oh, and Red Bull footed the bill for this as an advertising thing. Normally I'd be anti-advertising, but this is just too cool to ignore. Props to Red Bull. It gives you wings.

and diabetes...

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