March 27, 2014

Update umpteenth: Lego guesses the official images

The first official images of the Lego collectible minifig series of The Simpsons have been revealed. So, how're Calen and I going to feel for these figures?
  • Granpa Simpson - 2x2 square, bendy legs, not Marge's hair...his head feels like a traffic cone with a crown at the top - very distinct
  • Chief Wiggum - bullhorn, short night stick
  • Nelson Muntz - baseball bat, short legs
  • Apu - coffee cup (could be confused with Flanders's mug & Mr Burns's fish bowl), nothing else
  • Ned Flanders - toolbox, mug
  • Mr Burns - plutonium rod, fish bowl
  • Scratchy - axe
  • Krusty - pie, very distinct head with tufts of hair coming off sides
  • Ralph Wiggum - 2x2 tile, short legs (could be very easily confused with Milhouse), no big nose?
  • Homer - 1x2 tile, round donut tile
  • Itchy - club, distinct head shape with mouse ears
  • Marge - hair and head as one, hugely obvious
  • Maggie - teddy bear, baby body
  • Bart - skateboard
  • Lisa - saxaphone
  • Milhouse - 2x2 tile, short legs (could be very easily confused with Ralph), big nose
I'll be looking for Whitefang's figure review and the eventual feel guides that will appear online to get some better hints as to what the various accessories feel like through the bags, because I'm not looking forward to screwing up at an extra $1 per figure this time.

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