December 12, 2014

Brilliant artwork from a branding rebel

I absolutely love the poster (probably just a digital poster, I guess) that somebody put together for the farewell event for Matthews Auditorium (Princeton's soon-to-be-demolished high school theater.)

Somebody really did a creative number on the Viking head that we use for our logo (and that the we pretty clearly stole from the Minnesota Vikings or a thousand other logo sources.)

With all that being said, I am a little curious as to how this fits into the Princeton branding guidelines that say "Do not distort the master brand logo" and 'Do not put the master brand logo in a box or any other shape" because this is clearly being promoted officially by the school.


coldnorthgamer said...

I get Phantom, Wicked, and Annie, but is the bottom left Lion King?

PHSChemGuy said...

No clue...I know PHS has performed Phantom. I assume they did Annie at some point. I don't think they've done Wicked, but I would guess they're done the Wizard of Oz.

For the tiger stripes, maybe Jungle Book or Tarzan, both of which they've done.

I'm pretty sure they haven't done The Lion King.

cmorin said...

I know they did "The Wiz".

Amellia Dusch said...

The Lion King has not been released for school use. Wicked has not been released for schools to do yet either. Cats was (though it's a terrible show for schools to do!) released as a school edition about 7 or so years ago. Shows that are currently doing Broadway national tours rarely can be performed by HS's since that would take revenue from the tour. I am full of useless knowledge on this subject.