February 20, 2007

Spider-themed games

Some part of my memory serves that I've linked to one of these two games before, but I can't find the posts anywhere, so they go up today - perhaps for the first time 'round these parts.

First off the bat, there's the general freakishness of a game with spiderman trying to trapeeze his way across the cityscape. The instructions are entirely in Japanese (I think) except for the key graphic of "space bar". My high here is 140.

The second game is - to me at least - significantly freakier. The set-up is more straight forward: Spidey throws out weblines and swings across the city. The motion of your character, however, is truly odd as he looks like a boneless rag doll shambling along a very abstract kind of city - one with random shapes placed and floating at weird intervals. My best effort got me to 6739 points, though it's so weird that I didn't really understand what I was doing for a half dozen plays through the first times.

Weird or not, they both make for a decent bit of distraction for a few minutes of your next while.

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Cantido said...

Instructions for the first are in Korean. 240