March 4, 2009

Summer vacation plans

We've got this summer's itinerary solidly set and are calling tomorrow to make the various reservations. It's a baseball-themed trip again this year, knocking off three MLB parks that neither I nor The Girl have seen.

Amtrak - I know, last summer's train got wiped out...this summer's won't be - takes us from Cincinnati at 3:30 in the morning to Washington a scant sixteen hours later. That's June 19th, just a few days after The Girl's district lets out - assuming they don't have any more snow days between now and then.

We spend a nice Saturday around DC and take the train to Philly Sunday morning. There's a day game in Philly (against Baltimore), then we turn around for Washington Sunday night.

We're in Washington all week with a night game on hump day against the Red Sawks and a bunch of photos of Beaker around Washington.

On Sunday morning we take the train up to Baltimore for another day game, this at Camden Yards, and then back to Washington that night.

We spend another couple of days in Washington and head home on July 1, rolling into Cincinnati at one in the morning.

All without ever touching a steering wheel. We'll have one hotel room in Washington for the ten or so days, so we won't be shifting the baggage around the three cities, but we'll have a lot of time in the Capital. The Girl's already exited about seeing the Smithsonian's various museums (sadly without the Muppets) and the National Zoo. I'm geeked about seeing the WWII memorial, the Einstein Memorial, three new ballparks, and the National Mall.

Baltimore and Philly aren't really going to get much time here - just in for the game and back out before the day's even over - but does anybody have any other must-see suggestions for D.C.?

Oddly, I've never been to the Capitol or the White House. Those might have to get on the docket.


coachsullivan said...

I would highly recommend the FDR memorial. My biggest disappointment about my last visit to D.C. two years back was going to this at night and feeling rushed through it. Something off the beaten path a little bit but which I found fascinating was the International Spy Museum.

calencoriel said...

Ah...then you'll be gone for the ballet recital too...who will my little one find for her surrogate aunt and uncle?

wv - fabst: something that was fabulous, but is now over

cmorin said...

With all the amount of time you have, there will be plenty of time to see all of the memorials and what not. I have always missed out on this when I've been to DC, but I think the Botanic Gardens/National Gardens would be very cool.

There is also a World War I Memorial on the Mall that is kind of tucked back and hard to find. Its pretty cool though and was made before WWII occured so it says the Great War and things like that.

I would want to check out the Holocaust Museum too, but that is just me.

ame said...

I am just excited that they are reopening the American History Museum. You so need to check this out before I take kids in a few years and tell me what it is like.

Let me know if you guys need a dog/ house sitter. I should be free most of this summer and I love spending time with my nephdogs. Plus that is between the Open and the Firecracker tournaments.

Anonymous said...

Go early to get your free ticket for Congress tour at a time later in the day (limited number). If you want to tour the White House, I believe you have to schedule it with your representative or senator. My brother is in DC if you want to hook up with him; he may also be able to give tour of Pentagon, but maybe not since he's never taken me there. I've heard great things about the Spy Museum as Sully suggests; we didn't go because Adelaide was too young. Skip the National Aquarium (not part of Smithsonian), not worth the price IMO. Second the FDR Memorial and you have to see the Einstein Memorial. It was the coolest part of our last trip to DC.