November 30, 2010

Backed a preview or two...

I am absolutely buried right now, so posting may be a little infrequent until I can get caught up (my expectation is this weekend).

As a mechanism of apology, I offer some teasers as to what's coming when I get to writing 'em all...
  • Reviews of Wii Sports Resort (quick hit - awesome!)
  • Reviews of Man on Wire (also, pretty awesome)
  • Review of the new Locke & Key book
  • Lonnieburger reviews of Gabby's, Roxy's, and the Oakley Pub (good, good, very good)
  • A post about how teachers aren't really that different from students
  • Links to a couple of NPR chemistry stories
  • A visit to Flip Flop Flyin'
  • Pardon our Ramblings about cheating
  • Pardon our Ramblings about budgets (Lakota & the US)
  • An early glimpse into a weather-tracking project that I'm working on
  • A couple more 8tracks playlists (modern blues, something else I'm not quite ready to reveal yet)
  • An alphabet game post of my favorite celebrities 
For now, though, I leave you with a little learning...partially about the fascinating world of the visual representation of quantitative things...

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