November 11, 2010

A Glimpse: The Plants

A few years back, a teacher brought a couple of plants into The Girl's library in Hamilton. 

Those couple of plants have, over the years, increased in number (some by purchase, some by gifting, some by splitting) to a point where The Homestead sees its back decking covered in flora all summer long.

In past years, those plants have wintered in The Girl's library - Hamilton or Lakota depending on the year.  This year, though, The Girl doesn't have a library to which the plants can return so they've come inside.

I dig 'em.  The Girl's a little annoyed with 'em.  I'm kinda afraid that the younger dog is snacking on them.  Yesterday there were a few piles of puke to suggest that something wrong had been injested.


joey said...

gotta side with you, i dig it too.

PHSChemGuy said...

And that's the tie-breaking vote.

I win.

The plants stay.