October 31, 2011


Realignment in the past few years...
  • Big Ten (now 12 teams) - got Nebraska...rumored to get (but probably not gonna get) Notre Dame, Texas, Missouri, Iowa State, Rutgers
  • SEC - got Texas A&M...rumored to be getting Missouri and dozens of other teams
  • Big Twelve (now 10 teams) - lost Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M...rumored to be losing Missouri...getting West Virginia, TCU...rumored to be losing pretty much everybody at one time or another
  • Pac-12 (formerly -10) - got Colorado and Utah
  • Big East - lost West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse - rumored to be getting Central Florida, Houston, SMU...rumored to be losing Connecticut, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville - rumored to be falling apart entirely
  • ACC - got Pittsburgh, Syracuse
  • Mountain West - lost BYU, Utah, TCU - got Boise St, Fresno St, Nevada, Hawaii
  • WAC - lost Nevada, Boise St - got Denver, Seattle, UTArlington, UTSan Antonio, Texas St - San Marcos
  • Big Sky, MVC, OVC, all the other conferences - lost relevance - got screwed in the deal
Clear advantages here...
  • Chaos makes for thoroughly entertaining chatter for a very short while.
  • Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money (for the already wealthiest college athletic programs)
Clear disadvantages here...
  • Incessant chatter from sports talk radio/television about rumors and half truths and things that they generally have no idea about at all
  • Inability of most any sports fan to name the full roster of teams in his/her favorite conference
  • Lack of stability of conference rules
  • More conference championship games (in football and basketball, further cheapening the regular seasons)
  • Continuing lack of football playoff system
  • Continuing hypocrisy of college sports 'student-athletes' (The link is to a long article; I warn you. It is, however, an excellent article.)
  • Ever increasing lack of me giving a crap about any conference
  • Ever diminishing profile of college basketball relative to college football
  • Big 10's new logo and Legends and Leaders divisions

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