October 4, 2011

Reality Television...oxymoron

This is why I hate 'reality' television.

It's clearly not 'reality' in the least. It's a manufactured, manicured, groomed simulacrum of reality.

It seems painfully obvious to me that the judges (including a thoroughly creepy Randy-Jackson-alike on the left) have been told to open the scene looking angry and dismissive of the schlub in front of them. Handlers have already screened this schmuck and seen that he looks like crap but has a great voice.

A story...a storyline...ratings GOLD!

Everything about this entire scene - the pauses, the edited crowd reactions, the dramatically lit mixing board, the distantly-shot but immaculately mic'ed reaction shots that make us think we're somehow seeing intimate moments between mother and son -  just smacks of so much fakery and image management that it makes me want to throw crap at my computer monitor.

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coachsullivan said...

I rarely watch these shows, never seen an Idol episode all the way through and am happier because of it. Then again, sometimes you just get shocked. The guy did have a good voice, but the whole storyline you laid out was done to much greater effect with Susan Boyle's first audition a few years back. I will not lie, to this day when I see this I am moved to tears.