February 6, 2012

OK Go?

Is OK Go a band that makes videos, or are they a group of guys who make videos and happen to release music to promote those videos?

Their first video, "Here It Goes Again" was phenomenal and low budget and rocking. The song's pretty decent, too.

But instead of making great music and taking the videos down a notch so they didn't get labeled as guys who make cool videos but whose music is just a'ight, they went the other way and have released a crapload of very stylish, cool, complicated videos that have clearly outshone their music.

Take, for example, their newest single "Needing/Wanting" - album version here - the video for which premiered on the Super Bowl yesterday, which just looks remarkably complicated and doesn't actually play the album version of the song, suggesting to me that the video is the thing and that the song is secondary.

There's something to be said for just doing a rock video so that you can seem to be a real band for once...

Hey, is this Lakes at 0:35 and  0:17 in this one?

Interestingly, it looks like they've made a bunch of regular videos that I've just never seen. Maybe they do need to go over the top to get me to pay attention.

Hmmm...question answered, perhaps?

I'm gonna go with the answer that they should just make a bunch of Muppet-related videos to make me happy.

And clearly that one dude should stay with the full beard. It's the better look for him.

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