December 30, 2013

Lego Collectible Minifigs Series 12 LEGO Movie figures

Looks like I have a few more days to figure out a feel guide for the newest series of Lego collectible minifigures. January 1 is the official release date for the LEGO-movie-themed figures.

  1. Robot girl - slant dress and rifle (2 per case)
  2. President Business - funky hair, coffee cup w/ handle (6 per case)
  3. Emmitt - 1x2 tile, no handcuffs (6 per case)
  4. Wildstyle - slant dress and fan (4 per case)
  5. Abe Lincoln - hat with beard (they're attached) (4 per case)
  6. Scratchen-Post - cat (2 per case)
  7. Scribble-face Cop - 1x2 tile and handcuffs (6 per case)
  8. Will Shakespeare - 2x2 tile and quill (2 per case)
  9. Gail, the construction worker - jackhammer (2 per case)
  10. Larry the Barista - coffee cup without handle (4 per case)
  11. Velma Staplebot - 2x2 tile and round wig (2 per case)
  12. Taco Tuesday Guy - sombrero or cheese plate (4 per case)
  13. Where are my Pants? Guy - two legs (4 per case)
  14. Wiley Fusebot - dynamite, gun (4 per case)
  15. Panda Guy - Panda helmet with ears, panda (6 per case)
  16. Marsha Queen of Mermaids - mermaid tail (2 per case)
I'm thinking this set is going to be tough to recognize through the bags. Three figures have 2x2 tiles. Two have 1x2 tiles. Two have slant dresses. Two have coffee cups. I've never felt the dynamite before.

I've had to buy eighteen figures to get the full set of sixteen in each of the past two sets (#10 and #11). I'll aim to be better, but it's going to be tough.

Addenda - Since I started typing this post on Friday, From Bricks to Bothans posted a review and feel guide of the new set. Thanks, folks. I also found some confirmation that the next collectible minifig set will be Simpsons-themed and should show up in May 2014 then that series 14 will tie into the Minifig MMO.

Also appearing this January 1 is the newest Lego Cuusoo set, the Mars Rover, which is a must-buy for me. That'll, of course, be far easier to get absolutely right, and the $25 Lego gift card that I got from a student for Christmas makes that almost free. (Thanks, ND)

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