September 1, 2014

Collectible series #12 feel guide

LEGO Minifigures tumblr posted a full breakdown of his/her thoughts on and a series of individual images of each of the coming-in-October collectible minifigure series #12, continuing the numbering and just ignoring the Simpsons and LEGO Movie series.

Let's see what I'll be feeling for come October...(names are from aforementioned tumblr post and not yet official)...
  • Space miner - shoulder pads, I think...confirm with drill cone (does anybody know if the drill will be attached to the handle or separate?)
  • Swashbuckler -foil...very thin, small ball on end
  • Genie Girl - ''tail' legs
  • Pizza Deliver Man - 2x2 tile...confirm with round 2x2 pizza tile...
  • Dino Tracker - bow and arrow...confirm with syringe
  • Battle Goddess - round shield, no bump on front, handle on back...confirm with long spear
  • Fairytale Princess - slope dress...distinguish from wizard because she doesn't have a long staff...hat has attached hair
  • Prospector -pickaxe...I don't know that I'll recognize the hat yet
  • Hun Warrior - round shield with bump...confirm with sword
  • Lifeguard - apple...confirm with pig helmet
  • Piggy Guy - binoculars & flotation device
  • Jester - two 1x2 tiles...jester's hat
  • Wizard - slope dress...distinguish from princess because he has a long staff...hat should NOT have hair attached
  • Spooky Girl - teddy bear...long, straight hair
  • Video Game Guy - 1x2 tile...only one of them...
  • Rock Star - guitar
There may be a couple of tough ones to distinguish, but my aim is, as always, to go sixteen for sixteen. I went sixteen for eighteen on the LEGO Movie series and sixteen for seventeen on the Simpsons series. Let's keep up that pattern.

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