September 10, 2014

Today's random ten...

Today's manicured, 'random' ten songs...
  • "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy - This is a horrific, guilty pleasure. I love this horrible song like nobody's business. I swear I've played it in class a half dozen times over the years - the video, not just the song. I love it and hate it in equal measure. I did that just this past week, in fact.
  • "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave - Great song...horrible 80's race-switching movie
  • "Silver Thunderbird" by Marc Cohn - His entire career can be boiled down into one spectacular, eponymous album. I have no idea why nothing else ever matched up to it, but at least he made one perfect album. In the twenty-five years since then, he's released four middling albums...that's all.
  • "Warrior" by Steve Earle - ...not my favorite of his stuff...for spoken word, Steve Earle, I'll actually take "Down Here Below", but even the worst Steve Earle is still pretty outstanding.
  • "Daybreak" by Harry Nilsson - I always flash back to the first time I heard anything that I knew as being by Harry Nilsson, when The Girl was house-sitting for a teacher in New Albany - actually at a house out on the hill in the country a bit - and I stayed with her for the couple of nights. We were in college, home for the summer, and it was one of my first feelings of being an adult. Coincidentally, she'd checked out Nilsson's phenomenally great two-disc greatest hits. I've loved it ever since.
  • "My Best Friend's Girl" by The Cars - This one makes me think of the first time The Girl and I went to Eli's BBQ only a year and a half ago now. They had The Car's first album playing, and I remembered that it's a pretty great album.
  • "Jungle Love" by The Steve Miller Band - Welcome to WNAS, 88.1 FM, New Albany, Indiana in 1991 or so. This was a staple of the then-cd library from which we could choose music when I got my first radio dj time. I'm not as big a fan of "The Joker" and would go against the grain of lots of the other staffers and play this one instead.
  • "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison - The Girl can't stand Van's more meandering songs on Astral Weeks, and that makes her miss out on this really, really nice song - and the rest of a pretty great album if you ask most folks. Then again, though, I'm down with Phillip Glass, too, and he tends to be a bit repetitive.
  • "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by the Vanilla Fudge - Ah, heavy psychedelic very much a defining part of an era. I came to this one via the 80's cover from Kim Wilde and only much later found out that it goes back to the Fudge and the Supremes. You could always count on Holland-Dozier-Holland to write a song that sounds outstanding in just about any version, any style, any era.
  • "A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)" by Van Hagar - Thank you, Josh Hoepner. Josh was in various middle school classes with me and brought me to the post-Diamond Dave incarnation of Van Halen, admittedly my preferred incarnation of the band. 5150 and 0U812 were heavy topics of conversation in 7th grade study hall, and both albums have stayed in my good graces for nearly thirty years since then.
Enjoy, everybody...

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