November 13, 2014

More photos of Minifigure series #13

More confirmation continues to appear about the list of collectible minifigures series #13.

This bit of info is thanks to HothBricks and gets some low-res images of the figures on a couple of display boxes in a style that I've never seen in stores around here.

After some zooming in, thoughts...
  • Alien trooper - looks a lot like Cthulhu (on the top left, side)
  • Egyptian warrior - meh...(on the top right, side)
  • Unicorn girl - another awesome addition to the figures in animal costumes line...(on the middle, side)
  • Disco diva - pretty cool (on the bottom, side)
  • Snake charmer - curious to see what the snake looks like (bottom, left side)
  • King - I dig the torso and the cape (bottom, front)
  • Paleontologist - meh (bottom, front)
  • Sheriff - love the mustache, love the wanted poster (bottom, front)
  • Female cyclops - another opposite-sex pairing from the figure series (bottom front)
No images yet of galaxy trooper, evil wizard, goblin (curious there), hot dog guy, carpenter, samauri, and fencer.

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