January 27, 2015

Collectible Minifigure Series 14 rumors

Series 13 just came out three weeks ago. (I sort of went 16 for 16. I'll put a PS at the bottom if you're curious.) The next series, scheduled for May, looks to be the second series from The Simpsons (check the full, rumored list here.)

And, already, we get a teaser list of September's Series 14. Looks like we'll be getting a thematic series: Halloween-themed this time.
  • vampire
  • tiger girl (seen above)
  • zombie accountant
  • zombie cheerleader
  • zombie pirate captain
  • venus flytrap (pic at the link below)
  • werewolf (pic at the link below)
  • witch
  • Frankenstein's rock monster (rock like music?)
  • mad scientist
  • skeleton boy (pic at the link below)
  • five more as yet unnamed
I'm starting to get really curious as to how these Asian folks keep getting the pre-release info on the minifigs and how Lego doesn't smack them down when they leak all the info.

Rumors from here...four pics from here...

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