January 7, 2015

More Simpson Lego Minifigs

Looks like May's next series of Collectible Minfigs will be another round of the Simpsons, and the list has already (unofficially) been released:
  • Homer in his Sunday Best
  • Marge in her Sunday Best
  • Bartman
  • Lisa with Snowball II
  • Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper
  • Fallout Boy
  • Waylon Smithers
  • Patty Bouvier
  • Selma Bouvier
  • Jeff Albertson a.k.a. the Comic Book Guy
  • William MacDougal III a.k.a. Groundskeeper Willie
  • Edna Krabappel
  • Dr. Julius Hibbert
  • Jonathan “John” I.Q. Neidelbaum Frink, Jr., B.Sc., Ph.D. M.R.S.C., C.Chem a.k.a. Professor Frink
  • Hans Moleman
  • Martin Prince
I'm kinda thrilled to get Willie, the Comic Book guy, and Professor Frink. And these throw my guesses from earlier totally out of the window. I didn't a full repeat of the Simpson family in new costumes. I wonder who'll come with the Kwik-E-Mart set.

And the photo up top came from Whitesnake...I'm three short of managing all those (two Olympians - runner and boxer - and one Mr Gold).

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