March 16, 2015

Another series coming

Yes, the Kwik-E-Mart is gorgeous, but I'm not going to spend $199 for a Lego set, no matter how cool the set looks.

Yes, the printed tiles are pretty stunning...

...and the sticker of frozen Jasper is entertaining (though printed is always better than stickered)...

 But the real stuff for me is the new collectible minifig series, Simpsons 2.0.

A feel guide here could be tough because there are a whole lot of two-by-two tiles in the bunch this time.
  • Professor Frink - Erlenmeyer flask...should be easy enough to distinguish from the rest of the accessories
  • Martin Prince - short legs and a book
  • Patty (or Selma) - 2x2 tile, distinctive hair
  • Selma (or Patty) - purse, distinctive hair
  • Sunday best Homer - 2x2 tile, smooth head, no hair- going to be tough to tell from Dr Hibbert
  • Waylon Smithers - 2x2 tile + 2x2 plate, Smithers's head
  • Maggie - weird, baby body, dog
  • Sunday best Lisa - cat, short legs
  • Groundskeeper Willie - plunget
  • Comic book guy -  2x2 tile, squishy (1x1 round brick)
  • Fallout Boy - short legs, coffee
  • Edna Krabapple - 2x2 tile, coffee cup
  • Marge Simpson - big hair
  • Hans Moleman - short legs, 1x2 tile (thankfully, only one in the whole set)
  • Dr Hibbert - 2x2 tile, nothing else (going to be tough to tell from Homer)
  • Ths Bartman - sling shot, cap
May 1st...Lego's are coming

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