March 6, 2015

The mess that is Mount Everest

I've said it before: Mount Everest is a deathtrap.

Now I'm finding out that not only is it a deathtrap because of the lack of oxygen leading to decreased cognitive functions among the climbers and climbing routes overcrowded with inexperienced climbers. It's also a deathtrap because of the open pits filled with up to 26,500 pounds of human excrement.

I couldn't find an actual photo of the fecal pit, so here's one of Everest's many trash piles.

I do appreciate that local officials are using economic incentives to force people to at least bring an amount of trash equal to their own leavings (or at least the average leaving) from the mountain. I would up that economic incentive. Make people bring off more than the average leaving so trash can start to be decreased. The goal shouldn't be to hold level but rather to improve that level.

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