July 17, 2008

Share and share alike

So, I was over on WineMeDineMeCinci as I am often wont to be, and I noticed that they had a little button at the bottom of each post (the green one I've got beside this post) with the words share this.

Being the sharing dork that I am, I clicked on the button (clicking on the words works just as well, of course) and sent a recipe the The Girl because I'm thinking she just might enjoy The Best Summer Drink Ever. It's kind of up her alley.

Lo and behold, I got a pop-up within the page window that gave me options of sharing via various social networking sites (digg, stumbleupon, technorati, and lots more), emailing the post, or posting it directly to my blog.

What marvelous wonders these mortals do design.

I wanted it on my blog.

So I - after emailing the recipe - clicked through to the ShareThis website and signed up. You may have noticed the little green button having recplaced (earlier this week) the little envelope symbol that used to let you email any of my posts.

From there I clicked around on the ShareThis site to see what else they offer. Apparently - as I learned from a Cincinnati Enquirer article - they're a Cincinnati company - huzzah!

My only concern, and it's a minor one for now, is this line in the story:
So far, ShareThis has been offering its services for free, but Schigel said the potential for revenue is tremendous and likens the company to the launch of Google in the late 1990s.
If the service does move to requiring advertising or payment, its services will likely leave this blog, but until then, have a blast with it folks, and I hope it makes your life a little bit easier.

Oh, and the stars thing is gone from the bottom of each post. I thought it just too jumbled and junked up down there, and not a whole lot of people seemed to be using it. If you really liked the option of rating each post, give a holler, and I'll think about bringing it back. Otherwise, shine on, you crazy diamonds...


achilles3 said...

1. Dark Knight is sweet.
2. Sucks we didn't get together. My bad.
3. The full trailer for The Watchmen was before Dark Knight. I pooped my pants.
4. Love the sharethis...would never rate yer posts. Just didn't seem right. Love em all

PHSChemGuy said...

1. Agreed
2. Also agreed...very sad
3. The Watchmen trailer is a tough sell for me. It's not the comic book, and it's going to be tough for anything to measure up.
4. Thanks for the kind words. Dig the share this.

coldnorthgamer said...

I tried to rate your posts, but I usually forgot :(
Prakash has pumped me up so much, that I'm going to see Dark Knight the first weekend in August, maybe even at IMAX.