November 7, 2008

LA's Story

What's Chicago's film legacy? Blues Brothers, maybe. But is there a second film that truly uses Chicago as a character?

Cincinnati's film legacy is pretty much WKRP in Cincinnati and a few scenes in Rain Man.

Hell, Lousivlle - my big city of birth, give or take - is pretty much one scene in Stripes.

Miami has a few more flicks, but it's pretty much Scarface and Miami Vice even then.

But there are a couple of American cities that live more in myth than in reality, whose image of them in our brains comes from film more than from reality. One of them is New York, and the other is Los Angeles, ye olde City of Angels.

And the publication of note out in LA has put together a list of the Twenty-five best Los Angeles movies, and it's a hell of a list with weighty flicks...
  • LA Confidential at #1
  • Boyz N the Hood at #4
  • The Player at #6 (genius, absolute genius)
  • Collateral at #9
  • Less Than Zero at #22
  • even Crash at #25
...and lighter fare...
  • Clueless at #7
  • Repo Man at #8
  • The Big Lebowski at #10
  • the freakish Mulholland Drive at #11
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit at #12
  • the vastly overrated Swingers at #14
  • Friday at #16
  • Speed at #17
  • Valley Girl (one of Calen's faves, I'm sure) at #18
  • my absolute favorite of the list LA Story at #20
  • Fletch at #23
It's a list to work trough some day...some summer.


Andy said...

Don't forget Airborne ( for Cincinnati's movie legacy. Maybe a top ten movie of all time...

Katydid said...

Well actually Chicago is Gotham City. I see Batman hanging out on the Sears Tower all the time from my apartment.

TL said...

The Kingdom was filmed in my hometown of Abu Dhabi! I saw an ad for it and squealed with delight! I never thought I'd see the day that a movie would be filmed on my tiny island home!

I haven't actually got around to WATCHING the movie yet... I don't tend to watch too many big-shiny-explosion-type movies involving helicopters and people walking away from said explosions in slow motion and not even flinching as the flames lick the sky. But I may watch it just to see said explosion taking place a few miles away from my house. :)

calencoriel said...

Dude - I have never seen Valley Girl! Elizabethtown, there's an awesome scene from a Louisville park I believe you've mentioned a time or two.

Emily Gallacher said...

The only Cincinnati movie legacy I can recall is not good.

Anyone remember Babes in Toyland with Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore?

You probably don't because we got it at McDonald's in a Happy Meal way back when...

Wow, it's not even listen on IMDB. Sad :(

Bdubba said...

Milk Money and another movie whose title escapes me right now was filmed in downtown Lebanon...almost Cincinnati.

Erik said...

A certain movie set in Chicago? Ferris Bueller's something Off? Anyone? Anyone?

G-Rob said...

Aww, erik beat me to it. You are correct, sir. Chicago is what made Ferris Bueller's Day Off amazing.

-Abe Frohman, Sausage King of Chicago

PHSChemGuy said...

I clearly hadn't thought about Chicago enough. A correction and update concerning Chicago and Boston is about a week away.

No worries, folks, and thanks for - as always - pointing out when I'm wrong.

TL - very cool that Abu Dhabi was a film set.