November 7, 2011

TableTopics: #22

What would you try if you had no fear?

Well, let's consider my fears...
  • heights
  • spiders
  • general risk
I don't think there are any real other fears that I have. There are things I don't like - eggplants, microfiber, beer, Julia Roberts to name a few - but they aren't things that I'm afraid of. If that's it for my real fears, let's take a look at where that might lead me.

There are a few things I've avoided because of my fear of heights...
  • skydiving
  • walking on the skyway over the Grand Canyon
  • hot air balloon flight
There's pretty much nothing I've missed out on because of my spider fear.

The kinds of choices that I've made because my general fear of risk have steered me toward my career - one where seniority used to protect you - toward a stable house. I'm not one to start a business because it's too much of a risk, not one to throw my money into risky stocks, not one to radically change what I'm doing in the classroom, but none of those are things that I really want to do.

So, the things I've missed out on are because of my fear of heights, and I really do want to go skydiving. The balloon thing would be nice and all, but not as cool, and the skywalk looks neat but seems like it would be disappointing.


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Katydid said...

A co-worker recently told me that a fear of heights means you were probably killed by falling off of something or hanging in a past life. Spooky.

PHSChemGuy said...

I'm not so much a past life kinda guy, but if so, then I was smacked pretty well sometime in one of them.