November 16, 2011

TableTopics: #27

What's your favorite book and movie?
  • Slaughterhouse Five - The emotional connection of this one turns it into so much more than a weirdo sci-fi book, even though that's what it kinda is.
  • Sandman - Tears by the time I get to the end of this one, once the wake comes around...wonderfully rich characters in a wonderfully looping story. The absolute editions are gorgeous.
  • Planetary - The finite nature of this comic series, admittedly, helped me get into it, but that's not what's spectacular about it. The combination of so many cultural references surprisingly creates an entirely new something that's beautiful.
  • All-Star Superman -  There's not been a better Superman story told, and there aren't many better tales. We've pretty much never gotten this resonant a story from the comics.
  • The Electric Brae - This one has a long, long history in my world. The copy I have was sort of stolen from the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library. It came into my world at a very needy time, and it's been perfect for me for a number of rereads. Pretty much everybody I hand it to doesn't believe that it's all that much good, but for me, it's everything I want and need.
  • Infinite in All Directions - Another one that came into my world at a time when I needed something. The connection with Aberdeen certainly didn't hurt. Intelligent exploration of science and how it affects our world, what it means to one great scientist.
  • Fight Club -  The book is better than the movie, seriously.
  • Brave New World - I've loved this since I read it in high school. Brilliant exploration of modern culture and eugenics and mass production...and I love the misunderstanding of today's culture from the future archeologists.
  • Iowa Baseball Confederacy - Found this one in the Wabash bookstore as a frosh. Cost me a whole dollar. Best $1 book I've ever bought. Wonderful balance of magic and sports...great love story.
I'll go for All-Star Superman from the comic world and Slaughterhouse Five from the non-. I read Slaughterhouse Five every couple of years, and I love it every time.

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Here's what I've answered so far...
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  • #16 - first college visit home
  • #19 - No 
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  • #27 - Fight Club, Grosse Pointe Blank, Hoosiers, or Primer...
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Smamy said...

I thought for sure I would get a guaranteed 3 correct. Electric Brae (check) and Slaughterhouse Five (check) and Jonathan Seagull (nope!). No love for the Seagull? Think I will pick up Sandman and try it out over Thanksgiving break. Thanks for sharing.

PHSChemGuy said...

Seagull is one I haven't re-read in a long while. I should give it another choice.

Sandman is longish - 75 issues - but it is finite, so you can read the whole thing. The totality of the series is marvelous and intricately plotted, bringing numerous characters back in unexpected ways. I have the first four Absolute versions if you wanna borrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Dusch, Cali here:)! My favorite book if definitely The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, because the 20s are my favorite decade. As far as movies go, I absolutely love Anchorman, because Will Ferrell is such a comedic genius!

PHSChemGuy said...

I've never read Gatsby, Cali. I know it's a classic, but I've never read it. Never really had any desire.

My favorite movies are in another post if you're curious.