August 13, 2012

Update: umm...something in the past

I know I've posted this lipdub of Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" in the past, but I can't find where. No matter, I happened upon this list of where the people from the video are now, five years later.

cantnotmove asked: Out of all the people who took part in the Flagpole Sitta lip-dub, how many people still work there and how many have left like you? (oddly specific question, I know, but I'm curious) 
Great Question! Here is an update on everyone’s life in order of appearance. Only 6 still work w/ CollegeHumor, BustedTees, and Vimeo. 
Jake Lodwick (not in the video, but the master mind behind the camera)- Has started his own company, 
ME - I am currently employed at Tumblr 
Justin Ouellette (on left) - Works at Tumblr 
Chris Collins (on right) - Has recently started his own company, 
Jeff Rubin - Is still part of CollegeHumor Media (CV’s new name) where is the Editor in Chief of 
Sarah “my queen” Schneider - Left CollegeHumor a year ago to write for Saturday Nigh Live 
Niel Epstein - WHO DA F--- KNOWS! JK looked him up on LinkedIn he lives in Austin and work for Frog Design. 
Streeter Seidell - Is currently the Editor and Chief of CollegeHumor 
Josh Mohrer - Works for Andrew Pile - Still making the Vimeo 
Josh Abramson - He left CollegeHumor a year ago, bought back BustedTees from IAC which he currently runs full-time 
Ricky Van Veen - Still head of CollegeHumor Media and has recently produced CollegeHumor’s first movie 
Zach Klein - Has a new company called 
Amir Blumenfeld - Works on Jake and Amir for CollegeHumor, while writing and acting on his own.
Somehow I feel like there were more people in the vid, but I'm gonna trust the girl. She was there.

And, in case you wanted to know more, there is some behind-the-scenes footage.

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