August 27, 2013

Bonus points!

UPDATED as of 12:52pm 8/25/13

It's that time of the school year, new students, new chances for bonus points.

Here's how my students can earn bonus points this year:
  • first 5 people to leave a comment here on the blog about some post
    • congrats to ?? (Mike2500 and James Muffinman need to say who they are) (still available)
    • must actually say something substantive about a post that looked interesting (not just "hey, gimme points")
    • the account name cannot be your own name...for example, me making an account called Lonnie Dusch wouldn't work. Feel free to mention your name in the comment, though, so I can assign points appropriately.
  • first 5 people to join the honors Facebook group or the CP facebook group
    • congrats to Fayth, Hannah, Tanner, Karina, and Yuliya for honors (DONE)
    • congrats to Emma and Allison for AP (still available)
    • congrats to Catherine for CP (still available)
  • first 5 people to have a an adult family member (parent, stepparent, grandparent, whatever) join the honors Facebook group or the CP Facebook group
    • congrats to ?? for CP (still available)
    • congrats to ?? for honors (still available - one joined, but the student already had the points for emailing me)
  • first 5 people to send me an email to my school account
    • congrats to Jasmine, Rushona, Alena, Michael, and Francisco (DONE)
That's 30 opportunities for extra credit.

No one can earn more than 5 points total here to hopefully spread things out some.

Oh, and the only AP folks eligible are the ones I haven't taught before. Emma, Jonathan, Lira, and Allison - go for it! All of my honors and CP students are eligible.


James Muffinman said...

thank you for the extra credit. i am looking forward to chemistry this year. I am still curious about how electrons are around the nucleus and how they do not fly off like radioactive atoms do.

Anonymous said...

(this is Alena George from bell 2)
I don't know how your team was able to answer 17 out of 22 of those trivia questions! I was only able to get like 4 right xD

mike2500 said...

I love your room, hopefully it won't be distracting! Will you ever tell us what previous this day in histories were? I still can't figure out that Africa one from Wednesday.

Allison Scott said...

I would have to say that the Ashton Kutcher acceptance speech gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. I wish that more people would give speeches like this, instead of the regular "I would like to thank..." go-to speech.

PHSChemGuy said...

We'll totally answer that, James.

I did have a group of a half dozen teachers and former students working together on the trivia, Alena.

The day in history from Wednesday was about Lake Nyos in Cameroon. Check out more info here, Mike.

The Ashton speech was surprisingly impressive. I've not been impressed with him for the most part, but this might change my mind about him, Allison.

Allison and Alena, you both got EC for doing something else (emailing me or joining FB), so you're not getting it here.

James and Mike - somehow tell me who you are so I can give you the credit. Leave another comment here with your names or send me an email or just tell me in class.