August 23, 2013

Which side are you on, boys, which side are you on?

Calen mentioned casually that her son had to take a political views inventory on the site (it's listed under 'quiz' on the site) for his social studies course this fall.

He's apparently fairly well split down the middle, agreeing almost equally with the Dems and the Republicans. I thought I knew fairly well where my beliefs lie, but I'm always curious to take a survey.

So, before you cheat and look at the answers, lemme explain the set up of the survey.

Questions are asked. For example, the first asks "What is your stance on abortion?". A radio button lets you choose "pro-choice," "pro-life," or "choose another stance." If you click "choose another stance," five more options pop up along with an "add your own stance" option. There are 43 total questions, and you can also give each issue a ranking of how important the issue is to you (on a five-point scale).

So, what's your guess on how well (from 0% to 100%), my opinions would agree with these five political parties (listed alphabetically here):
  • democrats ?
  • green party ?
  • libertarians ?
  • republicans ?
  • socialists ?
My scores are after the jump.

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