October 9, 2013

We're # 469!

I had no idea at all that there was a website that ranked every college football team in the nation regardless of division.

Luckily, though, I came across the Massey Ratings which ranks all 916 college teams together in one, giant list using what I'm guessing is a pretty complicated formula. The important things...
  • The top of the rankings are about what you would expect: Alabama, Oregon, FSU. 
  • An Ohio State University comes in at #14, far lower than where the AP Poll has them and just barely above Riverside Community College Tigers out of the California Penal League Community College Athletic Association (seriously - Riverside comes in at #16)
  • Linfield College (out of Oregon) is the highest ranked NCAA DIII team, coming in at #255.
  • The undefeated Wabash College Little Giants come in at #469, #33 in DIII after a thrashing of Wooster this past weekend.
  • The worst team is the Itasca Community College Vikings out of Grand Rapids, MN at #916 who just lost 64-6 to #912-ranked Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College. Could be a rough year for the Vikes.

Looks like the Little Giants need to step up the strength of schedule. Playing the #816 schedule isn't going to help get into the playoffs if they have a down year.

I do wish there was a column to tell you what division the teams were in. It's one thing to see all the NCAA teams together, but it would be more informative to see which ones were DI FBS vs DI FCS vs DII vs DIII - as well as to see where the CCCAA comes in.


DanEcht said...

Go Colby!

Smamy said...
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Smamy said...

Pretty sure Wabash is actually ranked a bit higher officially. NCAA.com has them at #15 and d3football.com has them at #17. Not sure who is official, but they have been in the top 25 of both polls all season from what I have been following this year. Very cool program though. Do they do college basketball too? That would be great! If not, it is begging to be done.

PHSChemGuy said...

Smamy - Massey indeed does rank college basketball teams (here from last year), but I weirdly can't find Wabash in the ranking. Wabash Valley is there. They're NJCAA, so I'm pretty sure that's not the Little Giants mistakenly labeled. I can find Wooster and DePauw there, though, so I would expect Wabash to be somewhere around.

I don't know what the 'official' NCAA DIII rankings are. ESPN's AFCA rankings have Wabash at #15, too. D3Football has them at #17.