October 2, 2013

Pride and...something else...

My job is becoming increasingly impossible to accomplish between the new methods of teaching we're supposed to use, the new materials we're supposed to teach, and the new ways we're supposed to be evaluated (which involves a whole lot more paperwork).


Every now and again something pops up and that makes me think maybe this job - in this place - might be worth doing for a little while longer. Today's piece of evidence comes to us from AKC09 on LiveJournal.

See, AKC09's a PHS graduate from way back...like 2001. She recently posted some reflections on her time at PHS and reasons why it wasn't that bad.
I had a group of other nerdy girls. We talked about philosophy and biology and art at our little nerd lunch table and our little nerd slumber parties and kind of thought we were the s***. We lucked out that we ended up in the same class; this made a HUGE difference, and without having those ladies as my core group of friends, I have a feeling high school would have been practically unbearable. The effect here is similar to the fact that:


We had an incredibly diverse class. My high school, being a big public school in suburban Cincinnati, drew in many different demographics. We had rich kids, poor kids, suburban kids, rural kids, white kids, black kids (not a big Asian or Latino presence while I was there (ten years ago? Whaat?), but what can ya do). Because of this, there were a number of different social hierarchies, and it was basically impossible to be at the "top" of all of them simultaneously. This turned out to be a great thing, because hey, it mirrors the real world!
From the lone time I've met AKC09 and the religious following of her blog, I can say she seems to have turned out just okay, partially, I would like to think, thanks to her time at PHS.

Go AKC09!

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achilles3 said...

Count your blessing on pay and having a union. NC...long way to go.
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