April 20, 2007

Pearls before breakfast

Oh, wow...

The linked article is the most well-written article I've read in months.

The video came to me thanks to the good people over at Essays & Effluvia.

The basics of the story is that one of the world's greatest violinists played a forty-five minutes concert in a Washington, DC subway station. No accouncements, no signs, no identification. He just showed up and acted like a street performer peddling for change, and they checked out what happened.

The revelation of the results in the story is fascinating, as the authors allow the results to come forth in drips and drabs, never giving away too much. Instead, they chose a perfect pacing for the tale.

I certainly won't ruin it her for you. It's a bit of a long article, so you may want to read it in parts or set aside some time for the perusal, but it's worth it. By the end, the author has brought in Immanual Kant and WH Davies and have expanded his article to explore how we decide what is and what isn't art.

Is it the painting or the frame that makes art?

Head over and give it a check.

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