April 25, 2007

Tasty and simple

Another simple pleasure today: grilled cheese sandwiches - celebrated today in honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month - which we're smack in the middle of.

Simple enough that it's hard to believe it even needs a Wikipedia entry, but it's got one.

Some people like more complicated grilled cheeses, but others like it as simple as can be - cooked on an iron, perhaps.

You can, of course, find recipes for grilled cheeses all over the web - for spiced up sandwiches, grilled cheese pie, crunchy sandwiches, Grilled cheeses at Burning Man, Today show grilled cheeses, grilled cheese cake, perfect grilled cheeses, The great grilled cheese.

Why it's practically and grilled cheese orgy.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are do clean, so awesome, so simple. People will pay any price for a good grilled cheese - though there might be a reason for that one.

It's the rare - but not unheard of - case where a grilled cheese sandwich is in poor taste.

Me, I'll take mine as simple - and battle-tested - as possible.

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