September 16, 2008

Brief interruption

We're under a bit of a blackout in the Cincinnati area (and much of Ohio, honestly) as the power went off at around 2pm Sunday and is expected to come back sometime late this week.

The stand up freezer full of food and the fridge food is probably gonna spoil - sadness.

School was closed today (Monday) and will probably be closed at least for Tuesday and perhaps much longer - not that I can update the website to say that.

All is well and safe and sound, we're just in the dark.

That is, unless you've come to the lone oasis of power, a strip mall with a Caribou Coffee to plug in your power strip with two cell phones and a laptop.

Like I have...

So, posting this week - other than the media reviews already set for tomorrow - will be spotty at best.

Be safe and sound, folks.

I'll be back with pics of the damage (a decently-sized pear tree that split in half and took off part of the gutter, but that's all) later this week, hopefully.

Addendum: at 5:46 this morning, the fan kicked on and woke me up.

We are again living in a world with electricity.


ame said...

Glad to know things are looking up for you bro. Latest news here is we are out until Saturday/ Sunday at the earliest. School is out at least through Wed, but they already called it for the week in Greater Clark. I talked to a janitor today who said we are only running on generators at HHMS.

Craig said...

Let me guess.... Bradford pear?

PHSChemGuy said...

Ame...we're back in school Thursday, got the call an hour or two ago now...good luck on getting back at some point...

Craig...oh, yeah...Bradford...the whole thing's coming down next weekend when we can finally get a tree service out...