September 18, 2008

The joys of home ownership

So the power is back on here are Casa de ChemGuy (can somebody tell me if I've got that middle word correct, please?) so I'm blogging all regular like,

Quick update with the world.

Fantasy football team is 2-0 having been the second or third highest scorer each week.

Fantasy baseball is rocking along as my second-seeded dudes are in the finals against the five seed and currently leading (only a day and a half in, admittedly) 7-2.

And The Homestead is safe and sound.

We did have some mess and damage, but both were minor.

You can see from the next couple of pictures that part of the Bradford pear fell on the garage. The wind moved it onward off the garage with a bit of help from The Girl and me, taking part of the gutter and the downspout with it.

The back part of the pear also came tumbling down a while later into the yard.

The power came on about forty hours after it disappeared, soon enough that the freezer was still cold enough to be all salvagable, but the refrigerator had to be gutted and the food trashed.

This photo doesn't show the pain and suffering that The Girl had after chucking out all the food that she bought Sunday morning and that had spoiled over the next day and a half.


Craig said...

Bradford Pears=Really, really bad tree. If you are replacing it, please do not put in another one.

(WV)stjotsn-the patron saint of small phrases.

ame said...

We had a bradford pear tree go down next to my apartment. Glad to know you're A-Ok big bro.

andrew said...

Good to know there wasn't too much damage.

And, to the best of my knowledge, the spanish is correct.