January 7, 2009

Found while searching

For last week's musings on my shifting musical tastes, I was searching for an image - which turned out to be too elusive for that post - of the wooden 96-cd holder that I'd had while I was in college and stumbled upon this cd holder which I really like and just might end up buying.

The image was posted on Geekologie, a blog that looks like something I want to look back through because it has daily posts about neatly designed things like bubble wrap simulators and a push pin lamp. Here's to hoping that the blog is up to date, because both of those posts are a year and a half old.

And because it posted this embedded video - with the simple comment that "And this, my friends, is why you don't home school your children."

Which is right...

Spelling Bee Winner

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon a Wabash blog posting in which profs and classes were being photographed to get some updated images for college publicity and webwork and the like. The main post shows prof Jeremy Hartnett, a once roommate and good friend of mine. The three associated photo albums are neat to see in that the college profs look so very casual.

Dig it, Little Giants.


achilles3 said...

I LOVE this kid.
He's my new hero.
Call out the ill-prepared, cute for TV, CNN ho that can't pronounce the word she wants spelled without hesitation!
This is exactly why I WILL home school my kid.
That lady came from public school for sure...show up, be kind of cute, pretend to participate, get a job that looks important but isn't.
a microcosm of what we really value in the US in 3 and half minutes. classic

joey said...

i wish they made a CD holder that didnt hold only 7 cases.... you could even keep the same design, maybe add another dude on the other end, doesnt matter. just a bigger box

PHSChemGuy said...

Joey - if you go to the cd holder's website, they do offer three more designs that would hold more cd's. They're not identical to this one, but they're still pretty cool.

Lakes - you're a loon. That kid is a dork. DORK!

At some point, I agree that you have to have some substance to back up the style, but that kid lacks so much of the polish that comes from dealing with humans who aren't related to you. Part of what schools do is socialization, and home schoolers lose out on that.