January 5, 2009

Uggly boots

I'll admit that I have absolutely no fashion sense. If I'm lucky, my shoes match my belt when I'm dressed for school.

So I obviously have no business ranting and slagging someone else's fashion choices.

No business at all.

So here goes...

I hate Ugg boots.


TL said...

They also cost a lot to boot. No pun intended. I don't think much of them either.

Emily Gallacher said...

In rainy/snowy Ohio weather, walking 15-20 minutes to class each day and even more on the weekends, there is nothing I appreciate more than a pair of shoes that keep my feet warm and dry.

Because originally I had a pair of cheap, crappily made boots that got multiple holes in the bottom, soaking my feet through and making every pair of my socks reak. Recently I got a pair of Ugg boots for Christmas and I (as well as the people around me) couldn't be more pleased that my feet don't stink anymore.

If it's any consolation, I refuse to tuck my jeans into my boots. Not for me.

Murravener said...

This post regarding the ugliness of Uggz, Uggs, whatever they are, has been the most agreeable and effective post I have ever read.

PS. Why don't they make the verification words to post comments actually be real words. In order to post this comment my verification word was "lusnartl." That's ridiculous.

cmorin said...

Murravener - I must say that my last comment's word verification was "undented". Although that is not a word... its pretty darn close.

As for the Uggz situation, I agree with you Chemguy. Emily, however, makes an interesting argument. As a guy I can slap on my favorite pair of workboots and I am warm and dry. Girl in workboots doesn't happen that often.

ame said...

Quite true cmorin about the issue with womens' boots. I know that being a teacher I can't wear most boots to work unless they are high-heeled dress boots. Those kill my feet by the end of the day. I wanted boots that would keep my feet warm and not hurt by the end of the day without making me look like a total slob.

I got a pair of Uggs at my students suggestion after doing exactly what Emily did.. I had cheap crappy boots that always leaked water in them. I have one pair of Ugg boots and after wearing them all day my feet are warm, dry and don't hurt. That makes them worthwhile to me.

After being so happy with the boots I bought a pair of Ugg clogs too and wear them almost all the time with jeans. They didn't cost that much more the the Uggs I got at Target (49$ on sale vs 20$) and they are warmer, more comfortable, look exactly the same and hold up better.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I must admit.. I own 5 pairs of these and they are indeed the greatest boots/investment I've ever made. They keep my feet dry, and warm and they are so sure they will that they advise you in the box, not to wear socks with them. They also make me look cool like Napoleon Dynamite did in his movie.

And in regards to Emily.. I tuck my jeans, and leggings in to these boots to make me look and feel more awesome.

joey said...

uggs make you look rediculous. end of story.

even more ridiculous than a pair of yellow rainboots.

wv: scifight

no kidding, coolest wv ever.... and most definitely should be a word

achilles3 said...

I love them.
Comfortable. Well made. Not boots boots. Good for girls and guys.
Love em.
btw joey looking ridiculous is fun.

wv: artions- pre martians...from ars of course