January 13, 2009

In honor of my 7th bell class

A few years ago, my seventh bell class - maybe...I know it was my first class after lunch that year - asked if they could put a cd in a microwave in class. They argued that it was science so they should be able to do it, and they knew that I had a microwave in my storage room.

Nope, I said, that microwave is food only, used to heat up lunches for the four teachers sharing the storage room's common space. I didn't want to damage it. If they wanted to buy their own microwave, however, I'd let them do it. (As an aside, I knew they'd never get enough money together to buy a microwave, so I was safe...)

...until one of them piped up with "I work at Wal-Mart, and we've got a microwave on sale for $25 right now."

Crap...in like two minutes, they had $20 on the table, and by the next day they'd pooled enough to buy the microwave and a crappy toaster so they could try the strawberry Pop-Tart blowtorches.

In honor of that class, long gone from the halls of Princeton, I present today's awesomness: the MicroManiancs, a website on which the stars microwave various things until they are destroyed...and film it...and let us watch.

I particularly recommend checking out the foam.


Mr. Echt said...

Didn't your much cooler AP class do that last year?

CrimsonMirage said...

This is literally the best thing ever...the Christmas lights one made my day.

PHSChemGuy said...

Oh, a lot of classes since then have enjoyed that microwave. Yes, the AP class was one of them.

I dunno, Crimson, the foam made my day.