January 2, 2009

Really? You think this is a good idea?

To quote the very simple profile from Jeffery C's Music Channel on YouTube...
I'm Jeffery C Jordan. I'm 36 and I'm a college graduate. My number if you need ANYTHING is:317-319-0608

I was abused as a child and I want to find a way to help people that have been abused. I also am interested in helping women that have been abused.

I give to charities. I sell T-Shirts to try to raise money to fight abuse. I'm the kinda person that would give my life to help someone in need.

Some people just need someone to sit and listen to their problems and let them know they understand and that they aren't alone and that it ISN'T their fault.

I sing songs on the internet and use that as a means to cheer people up. Some people laugh with me and others laugh at me, but the point is that they are laughing. And laughter is the key to happiness.

I'm single. I believe in God. I Have made some really great friends online and met some really important people and had the chance to affect so many people.
Is anybody else leery that this guy gave out his phone number (which happens to be in the Indianapolis area, in case you were curious) and offers to "help women who have been abused"?

Or is it weirder that all of his videos are of him singing along to songs on his cd player - often while driving his car?

Or that there are seven hundred such videos?

I have no idea if the rest are like this - I've watched two of them and may just have lost half my brain cells in the process - but, wow...um...just, wow...


Mr. Echt said...

It's Jabba the Hutt as a man. With dorky shades.

Emily Gallacher said...

Just looking at the freeze frame of that guy, I'm too scared to click on the video.

joey said...

i just dont know. weird is a good way to describe it... its not even an awkward laugh or anything, just weird/sad/awkward


TL said...

My "creep" alarm was set off within reading the first few sentences. Does that make me jaded or wise?

cmorin said...

Regardless of what he is like as a person, he is one heck of a singer.

PHSChemGuy said...

Echt - he's not a pleasant looking man, true, but let's try to look past that at the true freakishness of his talent and the choices that he has made in displaying said talent.

Emily - it's nothing horrific in the videos, just a really bad singer singing at kind of above mumble level. Just weird.

Joey - agreed...not funny, not disgusting, just an odd choice for anyone to have made

TL - probably closer to wise but with a touch of jaded

CMorin - well, yeah...he's got that certain something that makes people go on American Idol and get ridiculed on the opening shows