March 21, 2010

Li'l feedback, please

I'm really down with the concept of the new blog design editor (as I mentioned yesterday), but I'm struggling with finding a blog design I like.

Gimme some feedback on the current design, please (feel free to use the poll to the left).  I have another couple of designs I was playing with that I'll try over the next few weeks.


calencoriel said...

I like it, but I liked it better yesterday without the random header. The pics at the top with the other visuals is too much. I used to like the random headers, but they were on a totally blank background. Now, I think it's too much.

I like the new look. It gives the blog a more professional appearance and it doesn't look like all the other blogger blogs on the web - which is something I think you might be going for.

I think you need to select one header - preferably one without a lot of different colors and "stuff."

But, that's my opinion...and I don't know very much about web design. (As evidenced by my blog and my website...)

joey said...

i like it.

i also like the random header concept, obviously, but agree that the one problem with it is the tendency for some rando's to clash with the overall color/design theme of the rest of the block. it's a double-edged sword that really wasn't a problem on the last layout since it was mainly flat black. it's up to you (i hope you keep it)

Crikey said...

Agree- love it except for random header. not generally a big fan of the background noise, but it can work. i love the layout- how things are all boxed in visually- very easy visual cues to follow, draws focus well. still not ready for the bigtime, but I'm playing randomly at look forward to killing it in FBL.

Ame said...

I am a fan of simplier is better when it comes to blogs. I believe that the text should be fast loading and easy to read. This loads MUCH slower on my phone (which is where I check it most often).

That being said, if you continue with the rotating headers who don't you make them all black and white or sepia? They could still rotate, but wouldn't clash.

PHSChemGuy said...

Calen - I agree that the rotating headers are needed more with the blank background. I may bring them back eventually, but not with the other stuff for now.

I am definitely going for not looking like every other frickin' Blogger blog. I know that there are at least now more options to look like.

Joey - True about the rotating header. When it was the only design element, it was okay. As is, it's too busy.

Crikey - I hadn't checked for a while. Thanks for a reminder.

Ame - tell me how the new site loads on the phone, would ya?