August 13, 2011

Spreading rumors

I've heard that the Supercongress likes my Saturday posts best.

I'm just saying.


    calencoriel said...

    There are so many ways I could fix that periodic table...

    PHSChemGuy said...

    Remember that any truly periodic table has to have all the items in one single order (atomic number) and that each column and row has to have something in common. Then the entire table has to show over all left-to-right and top-to-bottom trends.

    Otherwise it's just a table in the shape of the periodic table.

    Smamy said...

    Hey ChemGuy, thought you would like to know (and maybe update). The crayola guy created a new semi-circle chart. Follow original story to the bottom and follow link. In the new article, you can click on the chart and it opens in a new window. You can then scroll over each color and it does give you the name. Enjoy wasting the next 15 minutes.

    Smamy said...

    PS: My favorites:
    Scarlet (too obvious)
    Bittersweet (interesting)
    Burnt Sienna (homage to Bob Ross)
    Shadow (at least I know where to use it)
    Inchworm (I know exactly what color that is)
    Outerspace (shouldn't that be invisible)

    PHSChemGuy said...

    I love that they've improved the chart even to do just what I wanted.

    I am a god!

    The green shows up very oddly on my screen, though, much paler than it should.