July 12, 2012

I've seen 'em

Entertainment Weekly's list of 50 best movies you haven't seen is clearly a misnomer.

I've seen nine of them.
  • 24 Hour Party People - enjoyed it, but not much stuck with me
  • Backbeat - saw it in high school or college over at the Vogue in Louisville...good
  • Bubba Ho-Tep - hilarious, brilliant cult weird horror flick...if you don't enjoy it, your brain must've been replaced with a bag of sand
  • Idiocracy - tragically underseen...I agree with them here.
  • Iron Giant - sad, great
  • Layer Cake - masterpiece
  • Marwencol - heartbreaking and hopeful, excellent documentary
  • Moon - small film that blossoms into brilliance
  • Primer - excellent and a thinker
  • Bamboozled - wanna see it as part of my quest to see all of Spike Lee's movies
  • Ghost Dog - I've check it out from the library two or three times and never watched it.

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