July 10, 2012

A new search

Looks like iGoogle is going away.

I've got a little while; it's not going away until November 2013 (sixteen months from now). I am, however, now on the look out for a new way to access my various RSS feeds. I liked the way that iGoogle organized everything so I felt like each morning I was reading a modernized version of my morning paper, checking out the sports and news and how my friends (real, imaginary, close, distant) were doing.

Here's what my iGoogle pages (and I do have four of them) look like right now to give you an idea of what I'm looking for - something that'll let me see at a glance where there's new stuff (new stories, new posts, new whateveres) on the various websites that I follow. Anybody have any suggestions for me?

Landing page - email, actual news, calendar, my blogs, weather


Blogs of friends (a couple of fairly dead at this point - need to do some housecleaning)

Various entertaining blogs
So, whatcha got for me?


Grace said...

Have you tried Google Reader?

coachsullivan said...

All right, all right...I'll start blogging again. Quit browbeating me!