July 16, 2012

New Lego roundup...

So much outstanding Lego news from the past few days of ComicCon...don't know exactly where to start.

For Calen...first Lego Hobbit set was revealed...it's Bag End / the Shire / Unexpected Journey. Looks like it has some pretty outstanding minfigs and details inside. I'm not a big LotR or Hobbit fan, so this isn't on my wish list other than if Calen needs a birthday present (but that's 363 days away now, so no worries there.)

Next up was the revelation of the series 8 collectible minifigs. I got sucked in and ended up buying all the series 5 figs and grabbed a half dozen of series 7 (though not the tennis player like I'd hoped). Series 8 looks to be a mixed bag with some interesting ones (cheerleader, football, Shakespearean actor, DJ, German), a lot of uninteresting ones (Watson, pirate captain, conquistador, cowgirl, batboy, diver, skiier, Santa), and a lot of quasi-repeats from earlier series. I understand that some people probably requested a cheerleader in red since the previous one had been in blue, but early Lego collector feedback is that they want more variety not more slight variations - see also Evil Robot, Alien Queen, female skiier.

The last and coolest new gig from Lego is the new DC/Marvel superhero minfigs that we'll be getting in the coming year. I've got a Batman who came with a Killer Croc, and just this past weekend I bought 8682 which got me Superman, Wonder Woman (completing the trinity), and Lex Luthor. I don't have any of the Marvel figures yet, but I want them all.

It's interesting to see the Christopher Nolan designs coming into the Lego form here - Bane, Gordon - and the white Batman from, assumedly, Arkham City. Also interesting is how much the Marvel line is branching out from the tight core of the Avengers. Nova, Beetle, Doom - these are heading a little (or in the case of Beetle much) further afield. DC, on the other hand, sees nothing but new additions to the Batman world. Let's at least fill out the Justice League before we get three new Batman designs. How many Dark Knights do we really need?

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