July 28, 2012

See, the thing is...

Actually I have no clue what the thing is. If I did, I'd probably be happier about the start of school coming in a couple of weeks. Instead, I feel nothing but dread.

  • Record-setting flower of the day - best viewed through the miracle of the non-smell-o-vision intertubes
  • A mole of moles - that would be a mess
  • Ask Chris #114: The Dark Knight Returns - the Superman-Batman fight scene should never be reproduced because everyone "wants to recapture the feeling of that scene, but nobody's even come close to building something so meaningful, something that felt so fresh, because we'd already seen it here first. Instead, it's just one pale imitation (lookin' at you here, Hush) heaped onto a pile until it all feels cheapened.
  • Best Word Ever - Steer clear of the F's...they're 
  • National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chik-Fil-A - August 3...I'm getting pretty close to signing off from the world's greatest chicken sandwich because their views and mine don't line up.
  • Bravo/NBC Olympic Tennis - We don't officially have Bravo on our cable, but I watch it all the time, so I'll be able to watch Olympic tennis. Much happiness!!!
  • Sporting Events at the 2012 Olympics - I could medal in half of these events, easily.
  • Let the games begin - I can't imagine this stayed up for long, but it's an hilarious billboard.

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