November 5, 2012

Civic Pride!

The Girl and I celebrated her birthday yesterday by exercising our civic duty and voting early. The Butler County Board of Elections was open - as were all Boards of Election around Ohio - from 1-5pm on Sunday. Since The Girl's Tuesday - between days at Oak Hills High School and classes until 6:30 - is a bit ugly, we headed over to voice our opinions in the convenience of weekend voting.

At 1:34 we parked the car and joined the line.

At 2:49 we were back in our car.

It was chilly but sunny and surprisingly heartening to see this many people out to vote. Sure, this campaign has been as negative as any that I can remember. Sure it was a hassle, and it took longer than we had planned for it to, but we got to see a whole lot of people voting, more than we get to on a typical election Tuesday, and everybody was friendly and open to helping the rest of the line out. Election Board workers were there helping everyone get their questions asked and their proper forms filled out.

It was actually pretty heartening. We rock, man! Our system rocks! America frickin' rocks!

By the time we'd left, the line was about thirty or forty feet longer than what we'd encountered when we arrived. I wish the folks luck and good voting.

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