November 2, 2012

Quick links...

Bit busy today, so I merely offer up two blogs that I've skimmed and want to spend more time reading soon... They're of a kind in that they both take a subject and treat it with semi-obsessive levels of scholarly consideration.

First, Law and the Multiverse in which real world lawyers address the legal issues if superheroes were operating under real world, American laws. For example, how would the law handle Johnny Storm's marriage to a Skrull posing as Alicia Masters? Is the Rocketeer guilty of murder? Could the Scarlet Witch use the insanity defense against House of M-related charges? It's fascinating stuff, but I do warn you that these are serious legal guys, and they go through the legal issues in pretty serious depth.

Secondly, there's the Physics of Baseball which takes some of the new technological marvels - super slo-mo,  long-term pitch data, play-by-play recounting - and uses it to analyze what's going on with the motion and forces in a baseball game. Check out, for example, the exploration of Hunter Pence's double where his bat made contact with the ball three separate times in one swing. He also offers up a HUGE selection of knuckleball articles, a particularly curiosity of mine.

Back next week with something a little more substantive.

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