November 14, 2012

Just deliver

I read webcomics...I read a bunch of webcomics and have RSS feeds for a whole lot of them.

Some of these webcomics are just comic strips, just chuckles or laughs or little three-panel gifts to the world presented reliably day by day for me - and a few other folks - to enjoy. Those are the ones that I like.

Then there are the ones where the webcomic artist makes little commentaries with the strip, where we learn something about the artist's life, struggles, challenges. Those can get tiresome when, for example, we get notes like these...

From Jeph over at Questionable Content -


Basically what happened yesterday is i drank an entire bottle of whiskey, stabbed myself in the hand (not my drawing hand), had some kind of delirious breakdown in the hospital, got stitched up and sent back home.

Today I go to see the hand surgeon about my hand and a therapist about my emotions.

I guess something like this was bound to happen eventually. The monsters finally caught up. But at least I am ok. I feel very, very bad about all of this and would really like to apologize. I'm sorry.

There will be some guest comics for a few days. Thank you again for your patience.
Rob and Xin of Erfworld give us posts from time to time that one or the other's health or other issues impacting their self-defined once-weekly schedule and - unintentionally, I'm sure - significantly mucking up the reading experience.

We missed last week's Nonadventures of Wonderella (site currently down and replaced with a two-word vulgarity from what I can tell) because the writer's all laid up.

I would like to think that I'm solidly in the thirtieth or fortieth percentile for empathy among people, but in the long run I just don't give a crap. Yes, I'm sorry Jeph is suffering. Yes, I'm sorry that Xin's having family/health/something problems. Yes, I hope Wonderella's creator (still tweeting) gets back on the horse.

But in the end, I want my daily (or thrice weekly or whatever) chuckles (and occasional pathos), and I just don't want to hear why you can't get them to me. Dance, monkey, dance.

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