February 19, 2014

That means the blogothéque in English

I found La Blogothéque by chance, as I so often do, by reading around on NPR's music blog. Their article, "Reinventing the Music Video One Street Corner at a Time" told of a French website, La Blogothéque, that has taken to filming and recording music artists in very much natural but off-kilter locations. Their videos are all single-take affairs and can be fairly rough bits and bobs, but the sound recording is of high quality with good mic-ing to ensure that the music, the important thing in the long run, is captured in the highest fidelity possible. The website folks are looking to catch the artists in something unscripted, something real, something honest, something they can't fake or plan or recreate.

And they're doing a pretty awesome job of it.

Here are some of my favorites from their site, and there are a hundred more from artists I don't know and that I know a little bit. Check out a few of them on their YouTube channel or on their website.

The Lumineers stand on tables and lead some fans on a big parade down the streets...

The future Parks and Recreation star, Jeff Tweedy, and his band...

The filming here is particularly interesting with the camera mounted on a quadcopter. There was certainly a time where complex shots like these would be the exclusive realm of big-budget filmmakers. They aren't anymore.

I've no idea why the French folks are wandering this far astream, but this one was shot in my hometown of New Albany, Indiana (check it at 0:15), on the banks of the Ohio River just over the floodwall (see 0:28).

I'd never actually heard Childish Gambino (Donald Glover from Community) rap. He's not bad...

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